Making the history of the past visible. It merges with the present. Then and now in one picture.

WW2 Overlay - Aerial Photographs Then And Now


Mission of ww2overlay

The Second World War has been over for decades now and was the event of modern times that burned itself into the mind. The Second World War produced people of the “Greatest Generation“. 

Even though the Second World War is over. The places where the conflicts once took place are still present and visible. 

These aerial photographs of marshalling yards in France, airfields in Germany, entire cities in Japan, when bombs dropped or planes crashed, captured by the camera for posterity. Aerial photographs were significant and important ways to reconnaissance or evaluate the target after the attack.

All of these historical, valuable photographs from World War II are combined in ww2overlay with satellite images from the present day to allow comparison of then and now.

The look into the past should remind the future generation what once happened in front of their eyes and hopefully will never happen again.