About WW2 Overlay

Hello World! 🙂

This is a new web project of mine with reference to the Second World War, especially Air War. My main project is the website about the B-17 Flying Fortress with an extensive database.

While looking through various aerial photos I spontaneously had the idea to compare it with today’s photos. Also out of curiosity how it would look today.

There were of course also before already photo montages between then and today. But these were only pictures on the ground of houses and streets, where once the soldiers marched and fought.

Now I wanted to do it with aerial photos, because I hadn’t found that anywhere before – or I just didn’t really look for it ;).

Thanks to Google Maps, Bing Maps and OpenStreetMap it is now very easy to compare it and the material is well suited for an “overlay” – photo composition with aerial photos from then and now.

Amazingly, many places have not changed much. Streets have largely remained the same after almost 80 years.