Picture date: February 27, 1943
Porsguen, France

OverlayPorsguen, France

Original image caption:

Top view of Boeing B-17F in flight. This aircraft was identified by the photographer as B-17F-25-BO (S/N 42-24565) "Idaho Potato Peeler" or B-17F-40-BO (S/N 42-5243) "FDR's Potato Peeler Kids" of the 303rd Bomb Group, 359th Bomb Squadron (BN-P). (U.S. Air Force photo)

Identification of this B-17 Flying Fortress

Because of the landscape. It is believed to be on return from mission to Brest, France on February 27, 1943. On this date, only B-17 #42-5243 "FDR's Potato Peeler Kids" was scheduled for this mission. B-17 #41-24565 "Idaho Potato Peeler" did not participate in the mission on this date.


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